What is your choice: Natural or artificial nails?

Nails have always been a symbol of femininity and beauty and we pay great attention to them. Also, it’s important that they are groomed and neat. Is it important that they are long? Polished? Is french manicure the most favorite? And whether modern nail art techniques are harmful to our nails or not?

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Everything looks really beautiful, but what happens with our nails? Do they and if they do how much artificial components affect our nails? Of course, they affect, and how much it depends on a manicurist and his expertise and the material quality. The most critical concerns for nails health are filing and nails fill in. Filing-if nail technician files your nails roughly and with no caution, he can easily damage the nail surface. The same thing can happen if he uses an inappropriate file or inappropriate granulation. If your nails are natural, it can’t be less than 180. Also, when gel or acrylic applies on nail and shape using a file, it has to be done carefully because sudden moves and rough filing can move nail plate, and cuticles can be cut and start bleeding.

Nails fill in-is fill in an empty area of the nail bed with gel or acrylic so that nails can look again neat and with the same form. Filling being needed to make better adhesion of a new layer and equality to one already applied, some manicurists simply use an electric file in order to shorten the filing time. Don’t get this wrong, it can be a very useful tool, but it’s necessary to use it very carefully to prevent nail damage. It’s not good if you feel heat or pain. You mustn’t feel anything. On the other hand, there are very few persons who can be proud of beautifully shaped and firm natural nails. Also, many of us consider that it’s a waste of time polishing nails in just 2-3 days. That’s the main reason why women decide to do nail extension or nail enhancement or just to straighten their natural nails.

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Then there is no fear if you wash the dishes that your nail polish will remove or that you can chip your nails in the most inconvenient moment. When you have gel or acrylic that won’t happen to you and you simply forget about nail arrangement.

For sophisticated look

Again, there are ladies who prefer the natural look, and some of them don’t even polish nails. 


If you are one of them, then it’s certainly clear to you that those nails must be neat and groomed, with a healthy and removed cuticle. Manicure once a week is recommended. You won’t be able to polish nails without a base and a top layer of topcoat. They provide long-lasting and high gloss. Nicely shaped, short, polished nails look chic and sophisticated. Certainly, artificial nails must be maintained, which means that it’s necessary to go on nails fill in in 3 to 5 weeks, it depends on how fast your nails grow. Don’t allow that material to start separating from the nail bed because of a long time without filling in and due to get fungus. You won’t save money if you make yourself a problem.

Artificial or natural nails?

Everybody chooses what they like the most, as well as the most functional item that suits them completely. If you like natural nails, just groom them. If you like more gel, acrylic, enhancement…find a good manicurist with good material and visit him often because a good manicurist can cure your nail as bad one can ruin them.