Use Your Cosmetics The Right Way

There comes a time when some of us end up with too many cosmetics than we actually need. Most often, our cupboard is spilling with cosmetic products we hardly need. Some of us do not even remember purchasing a brand and might not have even used it once. While a few brands are too expensive, there hardly appears to be its requirement at the moment. Then there are those who end-up running to the store every time a new advertisement pops-up on the television. Worse even are the others who believe that a certain product is sure to suit us just because it suits your best friend.

Now that you have the right products in stock, you wonder why your hair and skin do not look better. Well, if you find yourself wondering why you do not appear the way you desire in spite of all that pampering, it is time for a closer look. Now, just because you love the way your hair feels or smells, it is not a reason enough to get shampooing every single day. Next on the list is not using a clearing shampoo as often as you should. Using a clearing shampoo at least once a week is a good idea as it helps wash-off all the product residual that accumulates on your scalp. It also helps clog-off the pollutants that settle on your hair-roots. If you think using excessive conditioner will give you the sheen and bounce, then you could be absolutely wrong. Too much conditioner only makes your hair heavy, causing your tresses to weigh-down. Be sure to utilize only two coin-sized drops of conditioner on your palm, as this is just the right amount unless you have real long tresses. Apply the conditioner evenly all over your hair for best results, as root to tip application is actually wrong. Hair-spray is yet another product you need to control your usage on. Hair spray usually robs the shine-off your hair, also leading to flaky, dandruff-like particles shedding from your scalp. Use hair-spray only twice a week to avoid any damage to your hair structure and scalp.

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Hair gel might be perfect for that ultimate style, however, remember it often leads to a life-less looking hair and also balding in extreme cases. Now that you know what products to minimize one, just go ahead and get rid of those that you absolutely do not need.