Tips for Feeling Young like teenagers

The pretty look of all living thing disappears after a certain age. The Young look of men and women depends upon their heredity, habits, living environment, lifestyle, character and stress.  All age group people like to look young and they try some natural and artificial techniques to retain their beauty even in old age. Follow the simple homemade beauty tips stated in feeling young in like Teenage articles regularly to look young and beautiful.

Avoid Eye Dark Circles:

Feeling young should start from the eyes. If you are getting old, the first symptom that appears on your face is the dark circles. How to avoid dark eye circles? Prepare Cucumber juice and rub your eyes with soft cotton-tipped in cucumber juice every day. This is the best tip to avoid dark circles in the eyes.

Beautiful Lips:

This is the tip for your lips to look attractive. Mix egg white, almond powder and milk. Apply the paste for your lips and after it gets dried wash it with lukewarm water. This gives a younger look to your lips.

Tips to Remove Oil From Face:

Egg white 7 spoons, 1/2 spoon of honey and a quarter spoon of pomegranate juice, mix well and apply for your face. Leave it for half an hour and wash your face with lukewarm water. Regular application for 3 months gives a pretty look and feels years younger.


The best natural remedy for blackheads is the application of black basil leaves. Grind and make a paste. Add half spoon of lime juice and turmeric powder. Put the paste on blackheads leave it overnight and wash it the next morning. Regular applications can give better results.

Get Beautiful Hand: Mash the boiled potato and rub for hands. This removes the hand cracks. Apply sunflower oil for your hand nails and foot claws; wash after 2-3 hours. Alternatively you can apply before the bath.

Anti-ageing and Look Smart Tips: Minimize the intake fat diet after 40 years. The digestive capacity of our body reduces after 40yeras. Avoid non-vegetarian food. Eat more fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Eat Papaya daily, it is called reverse ageing fruit.

Along with this do some simple exercise regularly. Yoga exercise is best to reduce the age of your mind. Follow the above-mentioned tips regarding how to look and feel younger. Feeling young like Teenage tips can reduce your aged look and gives new glory for your mind and body.