Liposuction after pregnancy to regain figure

One of the most common demands for liposuction is coming from women who had just gone through their pregnancy. Most of these women had difficulties slimming down even after putting in hours of hard work in exercising. Hence, liposuction becomes the only option that is not only effective but saves a lot of their time as well.

However, is it dangerous for a woman to have liposuction after pregnancy? Let’s look at some facts..

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that is quite invasive to the body. During the operation, surgeons will create openings in your body to scrap the fats of the problematic areas. This can cause internal bruises and bleed. As a result, there will be a long healing period when the patient needs to recover from these wounds. Most of the wound would need three to five weeks to heal although 100% recovery would need a few months. 

So, what does this mean to a woman who had just given birth?

First, the body of a post-pregnant woman is likely to be in a weakened state.


In such a state, it is not advisable to go for another operation that is as invasive as liposuction. This is because the body will have a hard time trying to recover from both operations and this will significantly lengthen the period of recovery time. For women with corporate careers, they might not afford such a long absence from work so if you are in this situation, doing liposuction after pregnancy is not really feasible.