How to Shave With Acne? No More Acne Problems – Ever!

Shaving when a break out of acne can lead to many problems. This article aims to provide tips on how to make shaving while suffering from acne easy and less painful to handle.

Man Shaving

Do not shave over the pimples as it can irritate the skin causing more breakouts. If you can avoid shaving over your acne with hair, it is best to be gentle and light. Never try to shave off the acne, as it will only make things worse. Do not press too hard on the shaver.  It is recommended to use an electric shaver rather than a razor blade to minimize skin irritation. If that is also not possible, it is best to use a disposable razor. Make sure the razorblade is always clean and sharp. If not needed, it is best to shave once in 2 -3 days for acne with hair.

Use soapy water and hot water to wash your face.

 Apply shaving cream on pimple free areas before you start shaving. Most aftershaves contain alcohol. These alcohol-based aftershaves can dry out the skin and sometimes make it painful as well. It is best to use a pre and post shaving foam which is alcohol-free and contains an antibacterial agent that can help fight hair acne.


Be extra careful not to nick any blemishes as they could be very painful and could bleed forcing you to wear a bandage on your face. Make sure you shave in the right direction. If you’re not doing so, you’re not only spoiling the growth of the hair but also aggravating the problem of hair acne. Regardless of how and when you shave, it is very important to moisturize your skin at the end as this helps the skin to overcome daily stress and alleviate acne symptoms.  It is advisable to use acne-prone skin products or products pertaining to sensitive skin.

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 If your skin gets inflamed while shaving, it is advisable to use a facial mask that would soothe those red irritated pimples. Exfoliating the skin is also a good idea to get rid of dead skin cells and promoting a closer shave. It is also a good idea to shave in the shower as the warm water would open all facial pores and soften the stubbles resulting in a better and closer shave with less risk of nicks and cuts.