How To Remove Acrylic Nails At Home

Nail art is a useful method to make your hands look attractive. Few people use acrylic nails because their natural nails are brittle or damaged. But there is a time when you want to get rid of those artificial nails from your fingertips. That is the time when these tips come in on how to do it yourself. However, before telling you how to remove acrylic nails, you need to keep one thing in mind that the procedure to remove them should be completely painless.

You should not feel any pain howsoever, even though you get it done by a professional or yourself. If it’s painful, try to be softer and patient else it can cause permanent damage to the nails. Acrylic nails can be removed easily at home for which you’ll need a few things handy with you. So before starting the procedure, make sure that all the things are ready with you so that you don’t have to hunt for them in the middle of it.

The things that you will need while removal of your nail art will be; a nail filer, nail buffer, nail clipper, petroleum jelly, cuticle sticks, and acetone nail polish remover (enough to soak the fingertips of both hands). First, make yourself comfortable at a place where you can arrange to dip your hands in acetone. It will be better if you play some DVD as the process of nail remover might take some time. Place a sheet on the tabletop where you’ll rest your hands and cover it with the newspapers so that the table stays protected.

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Now cut your nails as deep as possible. After they are cut, file them softly so that any coating over them gets removed and acetone works better. Now apply petroleum jelly on the fingers, which will protect the skin from drying up by acetone. Please be careful that the jelly is not applied on the nails otherwise acetone will not be able to work on that area of the nail.

Dip the fingers into the acetone so that the nail glue dissolves in it. Wait for 20 minutes and take out your hands. Now slowly try to push the nails off with the help of cuticle sticks. Don’t push hard if you feel pain as this may damage the nails. In case any of the nails is not able to come out, dip the finger again for another five minutes and it’ll be done smoothly.

Once the acrylic nails are removed, buff up the nails gently and remove the scraps, if any. Now wash your hands and apply moisturizer or olive oil and gently massage your hands and nails. This will help replace any lost moisturizer from the acetone remover.