How to make your kids love vegetables

Your baby does not like eating vegetables and fruits and each feeding is torture for you. Is it actually so difficult? There are many ways to encourage children to eat fruit and vegetables without forcing them. Here are some ways for you.


Cool sweet pureed fruit

Use bananas, watermelon or any fruit or whatever you have on hand. Grinding them with milk or yogurt is the best way to make your whole family enjoy the fruit.

Fruit Icecream

Every child likes to eat ice cream. So why do not you try to use fresh fruit juice or minced fruit to make fruit ice cream for your baby? Pour the mixture into moulds and freeze in the refrigerator. It’s great to avoid your baby’s eating the ice cream with artificial colours, additives or chemical sugar in the street and contrast, he will actually eat his favourite dish at home.

Fresh vegetable and fruit sauces

Fresh fruit sauce

Fresh fruit sauce is delicious and nutritious food to make ice cream and other desserts. Also, you can make pasta sauce from minced vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, onions, extra dill, chopped herbs. This fresh dish without additives can be substituted for the available sauces in the supermarkets. Your baby will enjoy this genuine pasta without realizing that they are eating vegetables.


Fruit Salad

Having your kids eat grapefruits or oranges takes a lot of your time. But when the fruit is put in a beautiful bowl of fruit salad,  it seems not to waste time at all. For example, salad of grapefruit, shrimp and meat. Try using different colours from different fruits for food to become more attractive.

Raw fruits are best

Children like to eat fruit with their hands so let your child eat fresh fruits such as apples, grapes.



Soups made at home is always the best way to use vegetables that are available in the refrigerator, making children eat a lot without noting that they are eating vegetables. Try to pureed vegetables and add to the soup a little meat or ribs, depending on your family’s tastes.

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