Home Remedies For Clear Skin - Tips You Didn't Know About

 Clear skin is a reflection of the person you are inside. Glowing clear and clean skin without blemishes is a reflection of a confident and organized person. You sure do want to have that reflection. Everyone does. Unfortunately, maintaining our skin, which is the largest organ in the body has become somehow a challenge to many due to the expensive creams and body lotions that always promise us miracles. This doesn’t need to be a problem as there are numerous home remedies for clear skin. You only need to sacrifice a little of your time and get to using these home remedies.

Home Remedies For Clear Skin – Unclog Your Skin Pores

Many people tend to believe that facial creams can remove pimples and pores on the skin. This is a very mistaken assumption. The pores are an internal problem of fat accumulating under your skin. Bursting them with your nails only makes them worse and result in black ugly spots.


To open up these pores, get a jar of hot water. Cover the jar with a towel. As the steam tries to escape, bring your face into contact with the towel and relax for some time. Ensure that you do not injure your skin by regulating the distance between your face and the towel. Adding some fresh herbs like turmeric and lemon juice to the water will be of great help. These will give you aromatherapy benefits and those herbs are also anti-inflammatory.


This step is quite easy and cheap. You can choose to mix your normal facial soap with cornmeal which is always easily available. Mix a little cornmeal in your hands and apply it gently onto your face. Relax for about ten minutes and then rinse the cornmeal from your face. This will help remove a substantial amount of dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated. This also opens up your skin pores and allows more oxygen circulation thus allowing your skin to glow and be healthier.


If you have acne problems, you really do not need to buy any expensive cream to remove the acne. Creams will only cost you a lot of money and might even bring more problems due to the toxic chemicals used to manufacture these creams. The simple egg white can be a suitable home remedy for clear skin. Simply separate the egg white from the yolk. Then apply this white (of an egg)  to your skin and allow it to stay there for 10 to 15 minutes. Take some warm water and rinse it off. Repeating this process for several days will leave your skin clear and glowing.


Oatmeal is another wonder substance for clearing dead skin. You only have to mix oatmeal with a given ratio of water to make a thick paste. You then gently apply this paste to your skin. You can apply this paste to your entire body. Relax for about 15 to 25 minutes and then rinse off the paste. This removes all the dead skin cells allowing your pores to take in oxygen easily since they are not blocked. Ensure when applying that you do it gently to avoid stimulation of your skin to produce more oil.


Another wonderful herb in this growing list is mint. Mint contains some menthol which gives the skin a cool feeling. Menthol helps to cleanse the skin. You can apply it on the night and use it instead of a night cream. There are so many natural herbs within your disposal that it would be just absurd for you to ignore them as home remedies for clear skin. Now that you know about them.


Maintain A Healthy Diet

You have probably heard about the phrase “you are what you eat”. This adage, though old holds true to each and every one of us. Eating junk food will certainly damage your skin due to the extra calories that end up as fat under your skin causing pimples and acne. It is important to include in your diet a lot of fruits and vegetables as well as drinking enough water. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol as this contributes immensely to damaging your skin. Finally, it is wise to take a bath and scrub your whole body at least once a day. This rejuvenates the skin by removing all the dirt accumulated in the course of the day and also opens up clogged pore allowing your skin to breathe.  You see, you really do not have to visit a beauty therapist or invest in a lot of expensive creams for beautiful and healthy skin. The ball is and has always been in your hands: use home remedies for clear skin. 

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