Bananas - Miracle Fruit

Bananas have many effective components, which are a kind of fruit causing full situation and prevention of obesity. Eating bananas regularly is meaning that you are adding more “bricks” to “beauty work” of your body.


Causing full situation: bananas, low in heat, making you feel full, just eating a banana can cause it. For girls with constipation, dry skin, bananas are the fruit for your beauty. Although bananas contain sugar, they are digested immediately, not being converted into fat causing “distress”, but good for health by quickly strengthening your body.

Excreting toxins: when we get constipation, we are often recommended to eat bananas, because bananas contain much fibre, vitamin A, potassium … so they have the ability to adjust the intestinal tract, soften stool, and strengthen muscles. In terms of nutrition, bananas are starchy, but according to Oriental medicine, they are sweet, clear heat and laxative, promoting intestinal peristalsis, excreting toxins and excessive materials in the body.


Bananas have many values

Food restriction thanks to olfactory: Nowadays, there is a popular method of food restriction by the smell. An expert said that the human’s olfactory is directly related to the brain’s center causing the full feeling. Not eating, just “sniffing” the smell of food can make us feel “fed”, helping us in controlling eating. Because women’s olfactory is sensitive than men’s, so methods to reduce fat by smelling fragrance for women are more effectively than for men. In terms of scents, the scent of bananas is most effective.

Lowering depression: Obesity is tightly related to depression. On the other hand, by increasing levels of obesity, obese people often have negative perceptions of their obese, leading to negative moods such as anxiety, depression … Bananas contain a substance that helps the brain produce 5-HTP, which not only make us feel happier and more peaceful in mind, or even help to alleviate the pain, but also make the triggers that cause bad feelings greatly reduce. For obese people, eating bananas will both help lose weight and help regulate emotions and avoid anxiety.


Lowering blood pressure: bananas provide potassium ions to the body to lower blood pressure, besides, the concentration of sodium ions in the banana is very low. Therefore, obese women should eat more bananas, not only reducing obesity but also reducing blood pressure, preventing respective diseases from arising.

Do not eat bananas with an empty stomach

Do not eat bananas with an empty stomach: bananas contain much magnesium, eating much on an empty stomach will make the content of Mg in the blood increase, creating an imbalance between Mg and Ca in the blood, leading to the inhibitory effects to the normal functions of the heart and damage to health. Many people like to eat breakfast with bananas, but they also drink more milk rich in Ca get a new equilibrium, so not causing an imbalance between Mg and Ca.


preservation and use: If you buy unripped bananas, put them with apples, bananas will turn yellow not long after and ripe slowly with good taste. If you buy riped ones and can not eat all, they readily get black and metamorphic. So peel them, then use glass coated storage paper to wrap for frozen. When eating, use directly without thawing like banana ice cream. Bananas are good, but just eat two units each day, eating more will not absorb. Not suitable for the banana in the refrigerator, as well irrelevant to eat with taro.

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