Apple for Skin Beauty | Natural Care Tips

Apple is a healthy fruit. Eating apple regularly keeps the doctor away is an old quote. Using an apple in beauty treatment can reduce your visit to the beautician. Apple is used in various skin related beauty treatments. It is the best natural face whitener, skin black spot remover, hair conditioner and natural hair softener. The cost of an apple is more un-season but when compare to the charge of beautician, it is reasonable. In one word we can say that Apple is a beauty fruit so you can use apple for skin health and complexion. Prepare and use Apple for skin tips and get the benefits naturally without any side effects.

How to Use Apple for Skin Care at Home

You can use apple for skincare beauty. Take 3tsp of mashed apple, ½ tsp Amul milk powder and ½ tsp Barli. Mix well and make a paste. Apply this natural beauty paste for your skin. You will get glowing skin in a single month application.

How to Use Apple for skin whitening Recipe Preparation

Apple is one of the best skin whitening ingredients. Take 3tsp of chopped apple, 2tsp of chopped tomato and 2tsp of chopped watermelon. Grind the ingredients in mortar and pestle. Add 3drops lemon juice. Apply this mixture for your face to fairness naturally.


How to Use Apple for Blackheads Removal

You can also use this naturally prepared recipe of apple for skin scar treatment.

Apple for Skin Home Remedies and Treatments

Apple Honey Face Pack: Apple mashed added with two to three drops of honey is the best fruit face mask that can be prepared at home easily.

Apple Natural Skin cream: Grind the skin (peel) of apple, add 2drops of cucumber juice and 3drops of honey. Apply for your face and wash after 15 minutes. This is called natural fruit skin cream. 

Apple beauty benefits are more and more, if you are familiar with any apple beauty tips of apple beauty recipes share with us in the comment section. Did you like this resource? Share it with your friends and show your love!