Acne Laser Treatment

Acne laser treatment is probably the best resort to heal or eliminate that common skin problem. Such treatments will handle the problem right from the root or the exact cause; therefore, besides eliminating the already existing acne, the treatment makes the next breakouts almost impossible. Actually, the acne laser treatment is relatively new to the medical world, as opposed to the long well-known acne problems. Lasers are very effective to help doctors to conduct any skin-based surgical; it can go through the precise underlying cause of acne breakouts. Commonly, excessive oil production is the cause, but other problems may exist such as inflammation and p. acnes bacteria. However, acne laser treatments will work as effectively as expected regardless of the causes of acne breakouts. Each of the existing problems will be precisely treated so that you are free from the disturbing acnes.

The Types of Acne Laser Treatment


So far, there are three different types of laser acne treatments. The difference is based on the procedure or the target of medical treatment. The most common type will be the laser treatment that targets sebaceous glands, which produce oil on the skin. In many cases, the acne laser treatment will target the glands so there will be no excessive oil production that leads to acne breakouts. In order to handle the existence of p. acnes bacteria, doctors will use the blue light treatment; such treatment will target and destroy the bacteria. Especially for acne scars, the lasers used in the treatment will be much stronger than one used in the other procedures. 

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Doctors will have to remove a fine layer of the skin to reduce the appearance of the scars. Another good point is that doctors will suggest you have acne laser treatments in several sessions. What is a good thing? Your skin will need some time to recover from the first contact with the laser; preparing schedules weekly will deliver optimum results. A single session will last only a few minutes, but the impact that the laser makes to the skin will be highly possible.


What to Expect During Treatment

Normally, without any related underlying medical condition, acne laser treatment will only bring minor side effects such as swollen or red colour to the specific area. However, they are all common side effects so you will not have to worry about them. Even better, the side effects will be gone within days to a week. You may also need to know that when the acne laser treatment is in progress, you may feel discomfort to the skin, but it is normal. Acne laser treatment is indeed invented for the purpose of handling the problems with acne, but it is never recommended for those who have occasional pimple breakouts or mild cases of acne. Although the result is great for severe cases of acne, you must consult doctors or dermatologist before deciding to take benefits from the treatment. A dermatologist will suggest any possible treatment and perhaps another surgical operation is better than laser. In summary, laser acne treatments can be a permanent solution to get rid of acne breakouts for severe cases. Even better, such treatment will be your answer to getting rid of the acne scars. Nevertheless, most health insurance provider does not have the coverage for cosmetic surgery or the complication resulted. You must consult doctors and professionals before applying for acne laser treatment.

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